Mobility Bathrooms in Redditch

Summerhill Bathrooms offers a complete range of mobility bathrooms for homes in Redditch.

Here at Summerhill we feel it’s important that proper care and attention is paid to people who are less mobile and may need assistance.

Our range of mobility bathroom products are able to provide independence to people while still looking good at the same time.

Mobility bathroom products allow you to take extra care in the shower or bath to avoid slipping or falling. Our range of products allows you to enjoy one of life’s pleasures safely and at a reasonable price.

A walk in shower can be installed in place of your existing bath so it gives you a large area to shower in safety. These are a safe way of showering when you are less mobile and need a bit of assistance.

The alternative to a shower is a walk in bath where the water is kept in by a waterproof seal to stop any leaks. These walk in baths come in a variety of shapes and sizes so there’s always something to choose from.

We can plan and install any mobility bathroom requirement you may have. Contact us today for a free no obligation quote and we would be happy to help.

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Our appointed installers are multi skilled and able to provide a three-year guarantee alongside reliable work, excellent timekeeping and no fuss.

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